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If you are looking for drainage repairs in West Kootenay, rely on Nelson Onsite Solutions. We share your desire to help extend the life of your house. We understand how poorly installed drainage systems threaten your property and possessions.

Avoid Costly Flooding and Increase Your Resale Value

Home inspectors and realtors will agree that a properly protected foundation is well worth the investment. Oftentimes, our jobs are combined with impressive improvements to landscaping. We have seen many instances where the cost of the repair is overshadowed by a huge increase in the home’s resale value, comfort, and peace of mind for the customer.


Our experience can make a difference to projects by making proper drainage systems that last. We also create functional, lasting, and beautiful yards.


We offer a range of excavation and drainage services to meet the unique needs of your job. These include:

  • Installation of sumps and infiltration devices
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Surface grading
  • Installation of new footing drain
  • Storm water piping

We commonly work with customers who have wet basements or cracks in their walls due to hydrostatic pressure. Give us a call for a comprehensive evaluation and let us take the necessary steps to protect your home.


Very Happy with the Final Product
“Thanks Bud, we are very happy with the final product. Fixed the problem, fixed a few other issues and now we have much better driveway. The pictures came through well!”
- Brent C.

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