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Nelson Onsite Solutions looks for ways to move surface water away from your home to protect your property from potentially costly water damage. This can be done using a variety of methods, including swales and terraces. Landscaping is both a way to solve surface and groundwater drainage issues and to add to the overall appeal of your lot. We share your desire to extend the life of your house. We listen to your ideas for a better yard and help to bring them to life with sensible solutions. We believe that form follows function, and we will be happy to explain how beautiful and functional yards can be part of an overall strategy for the longevity of your home. Count on our professionals for quality landscaping services in Nelson and the West Kootenay Region. Contact us today.


Thoughtful, Methodical... Highly Recommend
“Thanks to Bud for all his help and guidance as we did our yardscaping recently. Working with Bud, we got to experience someone with great knowledge about the land and trees. He was thoughtful in his design suggestions and it was obvious he cared about how things would look in years to come.


Watching Bud work on our rock-scaping was like watching an artist at work; no wasted movements but methodical and talented, operating his equipment.


Bud brought a lot of himself to the project and complemented our vision of what we were trying to achieve.


We were treated fairly from a business aspect and thus would not hesitate to use him in the future. We highly recommend Bud’s company for excavation and landscaping work.”
- Janet and Henry S.

We will be pleased to drive around with you to show you our many completed yard projects. We can also handle retaining wall repairs and take on jobs of all sizes, including land clearing and complete site development. Get started today by scheduling your free estimate.


Thoughtful Solutions to My Driveway Issues
“I really had no idea what to do at first. Bud helped explain the problems more clearly and offered thoughtful solutions to my driveway issues. I love the results!”
- Judith P.

Landscape Walls, Steps, and Terraces in the Kootenays

With our natural-looking native stones, the possibilities are endless! We skilfully fit a variety of rock types into landscape walls, steps, and terraces to give your yard and landscape maximum curb appeal — in true Kootenay’s style! We install good gravels, geotextiles, and strengthening materials — call us to add a touch of natural rock to your property!

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