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Are you looking for a trusted local contractor for a site development project in Nelson or the surrounding areas in West Kootenay? Count on Nelson Onsite Solutions. We have the equipment to perform a variety of excavating and backfilling tasks for residential drainage, construction, and sewerage systems. We are capable of providing subdivision property development and multi-site services as required. Our customer-first philosophy includes our willingness to assist in site planning and invest in good equipment, masterful operators, and drivers. These investments ensure your plans are achieved smoothly and efficiently. We offer a range of site development services, including:

Soil test analysis to support BC Sewerage System Regulation

Sewerage system filings at Interior Health Authority (IHA)

Septic system installations and repairs

Project planning and coordination

Land clearing

Access roads

Subsurface drains

Service installations

Installation of geotextiles and soil reinforcement

We are outfitted to undertake all residential excavating tasks and provide excavators, dump trucks, and contractor tools. Contact Nelson Onsite Solutions today.

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